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Stop Confusing Client Service with Client Experience

Stop confusing what your clients need with what they want. Escape the soul-sucking sea of sameness and the effects of commoditization by better understanding that selling excellent investments and services is no longer enough. Clients are looking for and measuring value differently.

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Dangerously Funny. Wickedly Smart.

“Dennis is not only an outstanding presenter, but he’s also an outstanding person as well.  He has integrity, honesty and cares about his position and the people he works with.  He provides easy-to-understand ways for improving the strategy for your business.”


  • Co-Founder of DMW Strategic Consulting

  • Co-Founder of the Serious Shift Inner Circle

  • Certified Experience Economy Expert

  • Pioneering Member of the World Experience Organization (WXO)

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Don’t hire a speaker, stage an event.


One of the most requested and well-known speakers in the financial services industry who have given thousands of presentations since 1996.


People see Dennis speak and remember the experience for years. His stories about customer experience and innovation, such as The Apple Store, The Gas Pump, The Two Barbers and The Guru on The Mountain to name a few are well known and shared among advisors.

Selling goods and services is no longer enough.


I love thinking about and speaking about customer experience. I’m a certified Experience Economy Expert and a Pioneering member of the World Experience Organization.


For over 20 years I have been speaking to audiences about how to stage incredible customer experiences that create “buy into” brands, increase revenues and attract new opportunities. I have spoken at thousands of conferences in the financial services industry and would love to hear about your idea.


Dennis' Speaking Testimonials

“Simply put, Dennis delivers. The above attributes all summarize Dennis. His energy and messaging transfers perfectly into actionable steps for our reps. He relates personally and professionally with our clients, and does so with sincerity and humor. He is ALWAYS the highest rated and attended speaker at any conference he has attended. He is one of the finest in his craft.”

- Woodbury Financial Services

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