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Blog 357: Be Cool

Somewhere along the way, you probably learned that you never tell people you’re cool; you just are cool. Or, more appropriately, just ‘be cool.’

Nothing is less cool than trying too hard, and nothing is less cool in business than saying you’re something that you’re not.

You would stage a better experience because you want your guest (vs client or customer) to feel seen. To feel seen is to feel like you’re an individual, that you stand out, that you’re recognized and understood, not just another paying customer.

When you feel seen, everything the business does is done just how you like it. Like someone, somewhere behind the scenes, is directing this massive effort to engage and delight you in a deeply personal way. Experiences like this lock themselves into your consciousness as memories and age like fine wine. The older they get, the more fondly we feel about them.

I’ve been scouting suitable locations for client experience workshops I’d like to host in 2024. Some places I have visited didn’t live up to the promise. Not only did I not feel seen, but I also felt ignored. I kept thinking about how hard they tried to be cool. They looked the part; they couldn’t back it up.

I was reminded of a quote from Joe Pine, author of The Experience Economy, about authenticity.

“ … Three basic rules. One, don’t say you’re authentic unless you really are authentic. Two, it’s easier to be authentic if you don’t say you’re authentic. And three, if you say you’re authentic, you better be authentic.”

Maybe the kids at school and some business owners have the same problem. They’re trying too hard.

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