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Blog 355: Nobody Else Can Do The Scary Parts

When you have a job, someone else brings you your assigned work. You don’t have to find your students; you teach a lesson plan. You don’t have to find any contracts; you must buff the floors.

You don’t have to do anything scary. You have to do what is expected, and more often than not, what’s expected isn’t very much, just enough.

This is how it works when you have a job. Someone tells you what to do, and you either do it or tell someone else to do it. Meanwhile, someone or several of them worry about making sure all the money and paperwork get sorted.

You already know the other side of the coin. In addition to doing the assigned work, the business owner must do everything else, and there is as much ‘everything else’ as there is assigned work.

But this isn’t the hard part either.

The hard part is that to make it, you have to do work that is worth noticing. You have to take all the leaps, all the test drives, all the time, alone. Nobody will tell you to do it, and you can’t ask anyone to do it for you.

You have to do all the scary parts.

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