The All New Serious Shift is now open.

This is what a global pandemic will teach you. To rethink everything.

And rethink we did. Why? Because our life and soul is in helping you, the financial advisor, not just survive, but to help you build a practice that is more enjoyable, easier to run, and more genuine.

Why join the all New Serious Shift Inner Circle?


Serious Shift is for the forward thinking advisor who wants to:
A. Attract and keep better clients by understanding what customer experience actually is, and how to connect with your clients on a deeper level, to even become indispensable.

B. Immediately become a story people tell and run a more Enjoyable, Easier, and Genuine practice.

C. Turn your clients into a community that brings other like-minded people to you. Go from growing a client base to building a strong community.

We have changed the financial planning conversation. The advisors who work with us don’t talk to their clients the same way other advisors talk to their clients.

Our advisors guide their clients to become something better, not to just financial outcomes.

What other's are saying about Dennis and Tom and
Serious Shift

Doug said - "Thank you for challenging me to invest in myself, my team and my current and future clients."

"I thought I would mention that I have had 8 referrals in the last three weeks, have signed up $1,300,000, have another $300,000 pending, and have yet to meet 4 of them. That's in addition to new money coming in from existing clients. You won't believe it: I was writing to my manager to tell him I had 7 referrals, the phone rings and its an 8th referral. Thanks for the help!"
- G.M, CIBC W. Gundy

Troy -  "I'd always wanted to go to one of Dennis' workshops and either couldn't go because of dates or travel schedule. I'd always enjoyed seeing Dennis at our BD events and ones hosted by Loring Ward. I was so glad I took the time to make this one."

Check out some of the great practice-building concepts featured inside the All New Inner Circle.
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