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Blog 356: The Easy Stuff

The easy stuff isn’t easy, and being good at it isn’t a soft skill. Making people feel good is an incredibly valuable skill, and it is incredibly hard to do. People are naturally good at it are rare and worth more than you’re probably paying!

Got that? Let’s be sure.

Everything that is understood to be in your job description is the easy stuff. Whatever you do is most likely done by many other people too. You’re not necessarily the only torturer in town.

How you make people feel is the hard stuff. Anyone can dish out abuse, but only the best torturers make you wish it would never stop. Sorry. I had to. The sentence wrote itself. It was too easy. I’ve learned, etc., and will try harder.

The easy stuff competes on price, even when it is really important. Dentists have a going rate. Psychologists have a going rate. Photographers, daycare, and private schools … They all compete on price, but the hard stuff is what the client thinks they are paying for.

This is why staging a better experience is so important, because this is where clients will look at your experience when they consider your worth.

The simple stuff is the hard stuff. Creating and staging a better client experience isn’t as easy as you think. Anyone who has tried to do it right will tell you that.

You are what you charge for.

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