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Blog 142: 3 Steps To Stand Out In A Distracted Crowd

The short answer is …

  1. Accept that CS and CX are not the same things.

  2. Personalize and eliminate customer sacrifice.

  3. Create something for your clients to buy into.

We live in a time of incredible abundance. We are living through a pandemic, yet for so many of us, we want for nothing.

Could you imagine how miserable your life would be if you were living through the Covid event 20 years ago? Before the world was connected through smartphones which has made getting anything you need possible – need groceries? The store will deliver them. Need anything else? Amazon will it if not right now then by tomorrow for coffee. Don’t need anything other than to be distracted? Have you met NETFLIX or any of the other streaming services?

Not only can we get anything we need but all of these companies are competing for your attention by offering you all of this for as little as possible. I don’t even know what NETFLIX costs, the value/benefit of it is so great that the price is the last thing on my mind.

This is sort of good news, bad news blog.

The good news is that most of the time you’re a consumer, so you are benefiting from all this wonderful convenience and commoditization. On the other hand, all of this convenience and commoditization does present an interesting challenge to business owners, which is that it has become really hard to surprise and delight your clients and the new clients you want when everyone is so spoiled.

The answer is personalization.

You will beat the ‘Amazon Effect’ through personalization and being more personally relevant to your clients. Learn from NETFLIX, don’t tell your client about anything they don’t or won’t care about, guide them, as NETFLIX does to what they are searching for.

One-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it anymore.

One-to-one personalization is the next frontier. The end goal is to serve people in individual ways, and personalization is the solution.

Personalizing services turns them into experiences. Experiences should lead your client to insight and a shift in perspective. Don’t ask anyone to buy from you, give them something to buy into.

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