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Blog 350: Attitude Adjustment

Relying on products and services alone to help you stand out and attract a new client or audience in an overcrowded market is dangerous and ultimately bootless.

For starters – products are fungible, and everything for sale is on sale. Even advice. This fantastic blog is yours for free!

There are other people who do what you do, who have more experience, history and possibly skills than you do. This is true for the people you work with and your competition. Assume that everyone knows at least as much as you do and maybe a little more.

What you sell and what you know isn’t what will set you apart.

Try this instead …

Be nicer. To everyone. All the time.

Be generous. To everyone. All the time. Especially people who are nothing like you.

Cultivate more enthusiasm, kindness, and resilience within yourself, your team and your clients.

Create more positive energy, courage and wonder than anyone else because you choose to.

Nobody else is doing it.

They choose not to.

Try this for 30 days and see what happens.

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