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Blog 334: Authenticity is the Root of All Goodness

This is what it looks like when I am jamming out an idea or trying to capture the essence of a bunch of thoughts. I set the alarm on my iPhone for 60 seconds and type as much as I can. The urgency of the enforced deadline helps align all my thoughts – a forced “cram” to get the work done.

What I type looks like this – although I did correct the numerous spelling errors.


This is what people want a genuine experience where they get the service they want and something more – specifically, a memorable and customized client experience.

It cannot be faked.

You have to love your work the way an artist loves their work. Artists don’t create their work for commercial reward, rather they create their art to express a point. They make an emotional investment in what they do.

That restaurant you love, the owner loves it too. He’s not faking it.

The dry-cleaner who never lets you down, and knows your name loves what he does, and who talks to and is interested in all the people who come to his counter is in love with what he does. He isn’t faking it.

The dentist you love, he loves being a dentist too. Same thing with everyone you know. Including you if you are already living and loving in the experience economy.

If you are, then you are focusing on connecting and bringing value rather than looking outside for solutions or opportunities.

Organic is best …

So when you know what you are, THEN you know what experience you should want to deliver and for whom, and as you start to do so, you tend to succeed, and the reasons are really simple. You are bringing THEM, whoever they are, exactly what they want and nothing that they don’t.

We all want the same thing – we all want to feel loved. We want to feel known, and we don’t want to feel underappreciated. It doesn’t take much to make us happy. Most of us are reasonable.

We all measure value with our feelings now – specifically happiness. How happy are your clients? How engaged is your clan? How delighted are they? Are you the hero of their story?

How about your coworkers and the people you share a space with? Could your immediate work environment benefit from a little culture change? A little shake-up? Does everyone look like they are bringing their A-game to the table, motivated by some fantastic purpose? I sure hope so.

When people love what they offer, they protect it, it's sacred, and they understand that it might not be for you. What you have, who you are, or what you are might not be for everyone. This is reasonable, isn’t it?

Isn’t it more fun to work with people who love what you do for all the right reasons?

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