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Blog 309: 3 Questions for More Referrals

  1. How is your work surprising and memorable?

  2. How have you tied your work to what matters most to your client?

  3. Through the time your client has spent with you, how have they changed?

How have you helped them achieve or at least progress towards achieving their personal aspirations or changing their thinking or behaviour?

To be memorable, your client has to feel something. If they don’t feel anything, they won’t remember it, and if there is no memory, there is no experience. How does it feel to be under your care or in your presence?

Once you connect on emotion, go deep. Meaningful experiences change how we see things or at least create the opportunity to see things differently. A meaningful review meeting would be emotional, memorable and profoundly insightful.

However, when you stage a series of sequential experiences over the course of a year designed intentionally to guide your clients to a paradigm shift, not only have you delivered exceptional professional services, but you have helped your client see something new about the world or themselves.

Who are you helping your clients become?

I can help you figure this out.

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