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Blog 301: Are You a Genius?

“In the minds of geniuses, we find – once more – our own neglected thoughts.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My hunch is that being a genius is more ‘how you think about it’ than it is ‘what you’re thinking about’. Then again, I’m no genius. Or am I?

Geniuses take what they think about more seriously than almost everyone else. You have certainly had your own deep, profound thoughts about the night sky, for instance, that other geniuses have explored more fully. Regardless of how rudimentary or ham-fisted your conclusions might be, you have done some genius-like thinking.

The difference is that when you reach a point where you can no longer make sense of it, you stop thinking about it.

The reason we quit thinking is fear. We subdue our most interesting and promising thoughts because we don’t want to seem too weird to ourselves or others.

We shut down, but geniuses push on.

The market rewards geniuses. That idea you have that you think is genius probably is. The funny thing is you’re either not thinking about your idea enough, or you’re thinking about it too much.

What’s your idea? Why will everyone love it? How are you going to let everyone know? How are you going to measure the impact you make?

Don’t just sit there, genius. Do something.

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