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Blog 299: You Sorta Rock!

You don’t rock all the time. Nobody does. You are not a rock star, a superstar all the time. Don’t even try; you can’t do it, and you shouldn’t be told you can. When we try to accomplish the impossible, we lose.

But you might rock for a few minutes a day.

A few minutes to write a blog post that will change everything for someone. Or a few minutes, to be generous. A few minutes to post a comment and contribute to a conversation. A few minutes to show someone a new way they might not have seen or thought of before (I’m thinking of my wife and what she shares with other teachers.)

You might do exceptional, remarkable work that matters for a few minutes a day. You might silence your inner critic, the lizard, for a few minutes each day, long enough to make a difference.

And five minutes of rocking would be enough because it would be five minutes more than just about anyone else.

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