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Blog 298: Be a Surprise

My dry cleaner is on a first-name basis with the city of Ottawa. I was referred to him years ago, “You know what?! You’re gonna love this guy,” my friend Stephen said when he told me about Joe, the dry cleaner.

Joe’s Secret …

Years ago, he told me that almost everyone who ever comes to see him is in crisis, and each story ends with a rush request. Whatever they need, he says yes. Your first experience with Joe is a pleasant surprise.

If you are in a crisis, instantly, he saves you. Talk about making a good first impression.

The next time you’re in, he will surprise you again by remembering your name and most of your phone numbers. He shows genuine interest in his customers, so he constantly makes introductions among his clients as we stand in his small store. “Mary, this is Dennis. Travels all the time. He’s a SPEAKER! Dennis, this is Mary. You don’t want to mess with her; she’s a BIG LAWYER downtown; you know that case with the TRUCKS? That’s HER!”

One time Joe told me that he only has a moment with each client and has always understood the importance of making an impression.

When you consider attracting clients and growing an audience, try being surprising. Sometimes all you have to do to be a hero is be nice.

How many clients do you have?

What number of them generate 80% of your revenue? What would happen if you surprised each of these clients once every 60 days?

What could you say?

What could you ask? What could you send?

What could you show them?

Where could you take them?

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