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Blog 284: How to On-Board Part 1

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Becoming your client should feel like an accomplishment. Your new client should walk out of your office not just satisfied from having solved their problem; they should feel … lucky.

Imagine that. As your new client wants the car, they think to themselves that you are evidence that they live a charmed life. “What did I ever do to deserve this?”This will happen when you stage a better onboarding experience. One that considers time, emotion, memories and surprises.

Make your meetings EVENTS

If you won $10,000,000, you would likely choose never to go to a meeting again, right? You’d pay someone to go for you unless the meeting were about something deeply personal to you that you felt was worth your time.

“Worth your time” doesn’t mean worth your money; it means worth your attention.

You are not competing for people’s portfolios you are competing for their attention

The most overlooked opportunity for creating a new client is when you bring a new client under your care. So stop thinking ‘efficient’ and start thinking ‘memorable.’ Memorable enough to drive into the city, or somewhere, to see you in the flesh.

Stick with me over the next few blogs, and I’ll walk you through a process that will turn all your meetings into new business opportunities.

Step One …

Review everything you currently send out to a new client. Print it out, ship it to yourself, go home and look at it. Does it get you excited? Does it make you curious, or does it look like a bunch of math and clip art?

What would be the ideal emotional response you would want your potential new clients to be feeling right now?

What could you send instead that might make them feel that?

What does your potential new client want to know?

What are they thinking?

What would you like them to be thinking about?

How can you surprise them?

Write down as much as you can, see you next blog in our community sooner.

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