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Blog 277: The Overlooked Cost of Technology

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Two of the great promises of technology are that it will create efficiency and cut costs. Efficiency and cost-cutting should lead to more profit. But what is the real cost?

In the Experience Economy, automation should never come at the expense of the experience you stage. The cost of diminishing your value proposition's authentic and personal nature is a cost that far exceeds any benefit technology can provide. For many years I have pointed out that, unlike most other hotels that offer automatic check-in through your smartphone, The Four Seasons doesn’t. The reason is simple, they don’t want to lose the opportunity to connect with their guests at the counter.

Instead, take a different approach.

Assess the merits of technology not on cost cutting but on the capability to provide more of a personal touch and Experience for your clients/customers. When your goal is to create and stage better experiences, the short-term benefits of using technology to save some money will cost you in the long term.

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