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Blog 255: Make Your mEetings 'Can't Miss Events'

Updated: May 12, 2022

You go to meetings because you have to. You’re obligated. Whenever possible, you skip them without so much as a second thought. When you attend a good meeting you’re usually surprised which says a lot about our expectations.

Events on the other hand you look forward to. You think about them for days, maybe weeks or longer before they happen. Anyone in the northeast who has a cottage has been talking about ‘opening up’ for about two months already.

Do your clients want to skip your meetings or do they wish they lasted longer?

Over the last month, I’ve been writing about how to turn your review meetings into events. The series started at 248, you can find everything right here, go read what I have shared so far about shifting from services to experiences.

Guiding > Advising

Aspirations > Goals

Personal Outcomes > Portfolio Performance

What have your clients learned from you that isn’t about their money?

How have you helped them become better?

What did they struggle with that you are helping them with?

What was the last event you celebrated with them?

Why is your client looking forward to your next meeting? What did they learn last time?

What did you give them last time when they left?

What have you planned this time that is going to surprise them?

Are you meeting at your office or somewhere else? Why or why not?

How do you use video?

How do you use your lobby as a stage?

What are the 10 books that every client you have must-read?

What are your 10 ‘desert island albums?’

What is your big secret?

When you read these questions do they excite you?

Then join our community. These questions are clues to staging more meaningful meetings with your clients that they look forward to, benefit from and talk about. Sing up on our site,

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