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Blog 252: Overhaul the Review Meeting - Part 5

Updated: May 12, 2022

This is part 5, you can find the whole series of blogs, beginning at no. 248 on improving review meetings here

The biggest challenge you face as an advisor is finding more clients. If you didn’t have to find more clients your life would be a lot more enjoyable.

You’re a great advisor but a reluctant salesperson.

Me too. Good news. The financial services business isn’t a sales job. It’s a human job, and to get better results from working with humans you have to understand a few simple truths. Humans are vulnerable. Humans are emotional. Humans are optimists. Humans need to feel special.

The review meeting must lead to referrals and it will if you turn it into an event.

The review meeting is critical to your success. Every review meeting is an opportunity to design and stage time for your client that they look forward to, that engages them and that they talk about later. When they talk about it later, you will get referrals.

They won’t talk about what you do …

They will talk about how you do it. They will talk about what else you do (see blog no. 250) and they will talk about what surprises them. They will never, not once, talk about your tactics or performance except in the most general terms.

They will talk about how you make them feel. See blog no. 249.

The kiss of death is when your clients would rather meet you online. “I want to save time on you so I can spend it doing more of something, anything really, that I actually enjoy. Including just sitting here doing nothing.”

That’s what “Let’s do this virtually” means.

Review the blogs starting at 248 and be ready for blog 253 this Thursday.

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