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Blog 217: Well Being

Updated: May 12, 2022

This is the last blog for November and wraps up Business Focus month. Why did we dedicate an entire month to planning for your business? Well, it is a proven outcome that the small business owner who has a clear longer-term strategy and a concise and reasonable number of action items for the coming year realizes a superior result. And yes, I know that spending time on these items is not the most enjoyable part of what you do but the results speak for themselves.

I wanted to end strong this month by reminding us all that it is also important to keep your well-being front and center when you are developing plans and visions for the future.

It is commonly said that a business exists to make a profit. While that is true, profit is a by-product of a much deeper purpose for why a business exists. A business exists to enhance human well-being and primarily affects three stakeholders by providing:

  • Products or services that customers perceive as making them happier.

  • An environment that meets the needs of employees to be a part of something. This extends beyond a basic level of gratitude for having a job.

  • An outlet for the business owner to be fulfilled.

Irrespective of how big your business is if you consider the needs of these three stakeholders in how you make your decisions, design your strategy and plan for the long term you will create an enterprise that profits in more ways than just money.

Live well and prosper. May the SHIFT be with each and every one of you.

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