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Blog 210: The Beginning ....

We have broken with the herd and have founded our own community of financial advisors who are convinced that there is an easier, more enjoyable and genuine way to attract and keep clients for life. Do you like the blog? For how long? Exactly! Come on in,

Dennis & I believe that business planning for the coming year should be done by Thanksgiving. That way you have 5-6 weeks to get all your resources in place to hit the road running in January. The clock is ticking ....

As a small business owner, your business is a direct reflection of you. With this in mind, the following is the best place to start in getting things sorted out for next year.

The epicentre of all innovation comes from within people. Innovations in areas like science, business, society, government, to name a few, have never come from the complacent. Innovation comes from people who are engaged in the world around them. Engagement is the fertile ground where perspectives change, worldviews shift, open-mindedness accepts and curiosity challenges.

To be an innovative person you must innovate YOU! Only through a constant process of exposure to different perspectives, points of view and a good deal of trial and error can you innovate yourself. For a personal service business to survive in the Experience Economy you MUST innovate yourself. There is no wiggle room on this one.

With 2021 coming to an end, you can look back and survey the road you have travelled. Was it just like last year? Did you really do anything differently? How did you improve yourself? How did you improve your enterprise? I am going to fire a shot across your bow and suggest that if you did not innovate yourself then there was probably not any innovation in your business.

So what does next year hold? Are you planning on thrashing around in the same familiar pool or are you going to take it up a notch? What are you going to do to evolve yourself? Get that figured out and goodness will follow. Aren’t you curious to find out?

May the SHIFT be with you,


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