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Blog 208: Build Your Financial Planning Practice, Part 8 of 8

Updated: May 12, 2022

Note from DMW - We have broken with the herd and have founded our own community of financial advisors who are convinced that there is an easier, more enjoyable and genuine way to attract and keep clients for life. Do you like the blog? For how long? Exactly! Come on in,

And now back to our regularly scheduled transmission …

This is what we have covered so far since blog 201 and starting next week I’m switching gears from growing your business to improving it.

  • Narrowing your focus

  • Persona vs. Person

  • Social Media

  • Confusing wants and needs

  • Stories and how we relate

  • Time, attention and money

  • Be more human

  • Community > Client base

  • Create mind-numbing anticipation

  • Work with your existing clients first

  • Circulating, giving and contributing

  • Be a hero and a story worth sharing

Here it is, the last one … Transform your client base into a community.

A community is a place that people willingly check in with because it helps them be better at ‘something’ and that ‘something’ is very specific and important. We willingly check in with our community and we participate.

Think about the best client relationship you have. The very best. What makes it so great, what makes it perhaps different from your other relationships?

Worldview. You and your best client see things (the world) the same way. Brace yourself for this loaded question, don’t you want all your relationships to be that way?

This is why we started our community, We wanted to reach financial advisors who see the world the same way we do so that we could all get together, online and also in person, and figure out together how to have the life and business we feel we deserve.

The reason, so far, for your clients to know you is that you are doing their financial planning. You have permission to talk to them. They trust you. They expect and we presume, want to spend time with you.

Use this incredible position. How lucky are you to have a person who will answer the phone and talk to you! Now pick up the phone and have something good to say!

What else are you willing to do for them? What else do they need? How could you create some stories about yourself to share?

“I learned this from my friend Dennis, he’s my advisor” … Wouldn’t be the worst thing to hear someone say about me. “Dennis is always teaching me something.” Not bad either.

Create a community out of your clients. They are willing to pay attention to you.

You have 12 months. You need to see them for some financial business once or twice. You will need to talk to them or zoom with them a couple of times too. OK? What else? All you are doing so far is your job.

Now what?

How can you bring all your clients together?

What’s the Big Idea?

What truths (for now) does one have to believe to support the Big Idea?

How do you engage with your clients around these truths?

In addition to the professional meetings your clients have with you each year, how many additional events do you host? Physical and digital, each year?

How many speakers do you host?

How often do you get your own clients to present?

How comfortable would you be spending more time with your clients?

How many non-financial events do you host per year?

What’s the best event you ever attended?

Would you ever help your client write their own personal manifesto?

Our community is financial advisors who believe that there is an easier and more enjoyable and genuine way to build the business they deserve. Our members want to do more of what they love, for people they admire and they want to enjoy more personal freedom along the way. That’s what we’re about, and if it makes sense to you we’d love to meet you.

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