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Blog 206: Build Your Financial Planning Practice Part 6 of 8

Updated: May 12, 2022

Have you joined us? We are breaking with the herd and doing things differently and you’re invited to join us. Come kick the status quo to the curb and live a life less ordinary. Your personal revolution is just a few keystrokes away, community.

And now back to our regularly scheduled transmission …

This is what we have covered so far …

  • Narrowing your focus

  • Persona vs. Person

  • Social Media (Lots of cool stuff in our Green Membership inside and more to come.)

  • Confusing wants and needs.

  • Stories and how we relate.

  • Time, attention and money.

  • Be more human.

  • Community > Client base.

  • Create mind numbing anticipation.

  • Work with your existing clients first.

I promised four more today and here they are.

Circulate. I met a successful movie executive once flying from Toronto to LA. His name is Justin Falvey, and he was running DreamWorks. He has risen to the very top of the movie business and started without a friend. He is from Boston; he joined a men’s hockey league in LA. Guess what everyone in LA does? Most of them work in the movies, some of them play hockey. That was his in.

Where do people see you? Be patient.

Give. Get involved with something you’re passionate about, that you’ll stick with. I’m not asking you to make it a job, I’m asking you to help when you can. Follow the charities you believe in on social media, help them spread the word, comment on their posts. Bring other people in when you can to help.

Join online communities and eventually start your own. This is something we are willing to help you with so stay tuned. In the meantime, join a community or two and participate. People want to know who you are, not what you do. I’m part of a Facebook JEEP community for goodness sake. If I wanted to find some clients I could join a Facebook group of small business owners and post/share about the Experience Economy, I’m sure I’d pick up some clients.

We haven’t even talked about LinkedIn … You should get on LinkedIn every day, the easiest way to get started is to just comment on other people’s posts. Next Tuesday I’ll post some LinkedIn tactics, they are worth a post of their own and could be a great deep dive discussion for a Green Circle gathering ….

Be a guest on a podcast. It’s not hard to get booked on a podcast, use this service,, it’s free. There are a million podcasts and they are all looking for content and guests. You show up, talk for half an hour and they do all the work and hand you back a whole lot of free marketing material.

Who is your target market? What do they listen to? How could you use a podcast guest appearance in your client communication? How could you use a podcast appearance in your prospecting?

There is so much we can all do, it’s literally at our fingertips and it’s easy.

See you next Tuesday, or sooner in our community,

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