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Blog 205: Build Your Financial Planning Practice Part 5 of 8

Updated: May 12, 2022

We now have exactly 205 members in our community.

Join us but only if … You believe there is a better, more enjoyable and genuine way to attract great clients for life. If you believe that this isn’t a sales job. If you believe that being an advisor is a noble, and important position and if you feel that there is something about how you see the world that people need to hear.

Does that sound like you? Sign up. Doesn’t sound like you at all? Well, then we’re not the droids you’re looking for.

This is what we have covered so far …

  • Narrowing your focus

  • Persona vs. Person

  • Social Media (Lots of cool stuff in our Green Membership inside and more to come.)

  • Confusing wants and needs.

  • Stories and how we relate.

  • Time, attention and money.

  • Be more human.

  • Community > Client base.

  • Create mind-numbing anticipation.

Don’t worry about reaching new people, matter more to those you already have.

The easiest way to grow your business is to work with people who are already convinced, who already have given you permission to speak to them. One person who loves you is worth more to your business than a list of ten or even twenty people who have significant assets and a need for advice.

Think about how much convincing and posturing you’d have to do to assure a stranger that you are worth their time, attention and money? That is a Herculean task that I would avoid if I were you.

So how do you get that one person you already know to love you more and not only willingly, but happily endorsing you?

Would you ask a top client to consider who they might know that could help you? NEVER.

Nobody wants to be asked this question, and you shouldn’t have to ask, and you don’t want to ask. Never bring your needs to your client.

How about hosting a monthly webinar on something that is important to them? It might not be financial.

We are having Sara Grillo join our members in the community this week. Sara is fascinating, fun, irreverent and really good at what she does, it’s a great fit for my people.

Who do you know that you could interview or host in an in-person or online session? Why do your clients need to hear them? How will it help? What will they be able to do that they can’t do now if they attend?

Think about the shelf life of this event. You host the interview and record it, and then you harvest little 30-second video clips from the interview and post them to your social media, offering the people who don’t know you a peek into who you are, and how you operate?

“Really enjoyed my conversation last week with Dennis Moseley-Williams, who is an Experience Economy expert. A lot of my clients are business owners, and Dennis helped them understand what their customers are really looking for and how service and experience are not the same things…” One 30 minute interview can be months if not years of marketing inventory.

Call your existing clients for no reason at all … Just say hello, find out what’s going on and be a presence.

Add to their life, beyond being a boring commoditized financial advisor who knows a bunch of stuff that all the advisors also know.

This isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you’re willing to do to help. This is the work assigned versus work that is required argument.

Be a hero. Do the stuff that nobody thinks you would ever do.

Rather than go on and on how about we do this.

Make a shortlist of 3 guests you could have a 30-minute conversation with that your existing top clients would love to hear. Maybe one of your guests, or all of them, will come from within your client base? Do you have a great client with a great story to share?

In Thursday’s blog (which will be posted for members at – sign up, change your life) I’ll dig into four other easy things you can do, over and over, that will help you find more prospective clients who want to work with you.

I’m cutting myself off here, I’m tempted to write and write. I will of course, but you won’t get to see that until Thursday.

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