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Blog 184: Steps 5 through 8 To Get Happier

Updated: May 12, 2022

For those of you who missed the first blog in this series that posted Tuesday, you can read it right here.

As promised, here are the next set of four. As always, thanks for the great feedback and support. Here you go …

5. Do some things that are satisfying, not fun. I am looking at you, ‘Working Out.’ I don’t really enjoy working out, and if you have ever seen me with my shirt off then you know I am not lying. However, I do feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I do. Satisfaction is different from happiness.

Do some good work, some heavy lifting. I just spent the summer in the DESTROYERATOR (trademark pending) reimagining my keynotes and workshops, and I’m not referring to a buff job. I’m talking a total overhaul. It feels good. Try it.

6. Study people who are calm and grateful. You will find that they do not take life too seriously, even in the face of adversity. Why? How do they maintain their perspective? Ask them, ask a bunch of them and see what they say. I would tell you to get a lot of rest, wake up early, and eliminate all the unnecessary clutter.

Stress will literally kill you. Stress will make you fat. Stress will make you quit. Stress sucks the joy from your time. Time is all you have. Calmness is a super power.

I keep thinking of the line in the Big Lebowski where Walter, played by John Goodman, says: “I’m calmer than you, Dude.”

7. Love who you are. Love your strengths, and accept your weaknesses. A lot of unhappiness is caused by trying to maintain a façade. The greatest happiness in the world is being exactly who you are. I’m incredibly creative, I’m horribly disorganized. I rely on my brain for creativity and Susan at HQ for my sanity. It works; she knows my short hand.

8. Master a few things completely. I’m more interested in narrowing my focus and investing into the few things I am passionate about. Try it. This constant pursuit of new and next is exhausting.

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