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Blog 182: Who Are You Connecting?

Updated: May 12, 2022

You have to accept certain realities when you’re building a business. One is that not everyone is going to like you.

They won’t like your idea, your interpretation, innovation or your point. Sometimes they’ll like it all, but they won’t like you. Don’t worry about it.

Don’t worry about the people who don’t get it, worry about the people who do. The only people that matter are the people that do like you. Everyone else can beat it. That’s it.

The connectedness of our modern world has made it incredibly easy for like-minded people to find each other. My brother just moved to town and he has joined the Ottawa Backgammon Club, the oldest in the country, FYI. Patrick likes the game so much he is in a club. I’ve never played.

My other brother, also a resident of Ottawa, is a member of a (brace yourself) a fountain pen club. I’m not making this up, and yes, our mother knew.

Foodies, geeks of all kinds, movie nerds, the lecherous, all are connected online, sharing their passions and inviting more people to the party. Who are you connecting?

What are you connecting your clients to? To other people like them? To new ideas? To transformative experiences?

How are you creating community within your business? Do you have a list of clients or a list of members?

Something else you have to accept: We all want to belong.

Members belong.

Clients shop.

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