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Blog 161: Be Missed

Updated: May 12, 2022

If you want to ensure that people miss you when you’re gone, then you have to stand for something when you’re with them. To miss you, they have to first notice you.

And to be clear, I’m not referring to the people who will miss you when you’re dead. I’m talking about the people who should miss you the next time there is an agenda without your name on it. I’m talking about being missed because of the kind of work you do to get asked back, to have people seek you out and where a conference isn’t complete without you.

Good news: this is all a choice and I’m going to tell you what to do to be a story everyone is sharing.

1. Try different. Fitting in is as good as being invisible.

2. What do you stand for? Tell people what the consequences of being your client are. How will it change them? What will it make possible? What do you expect them to do because of this?

3. Niche, niche, weird. Get as narrow focussed as possible. “Retirees” is too vague. “Retirees who like to golf” is just as bad.

How about “Retirees who are either married or widows or widowers. What makes them weird (or unique if you must) is that they are risk takers who frustrate their children. My clients like new ideas, experiences, trips, friends and ideas. They don’t mind dying, but they hate being treated like they are old and uninteresting or uninterested.”

See what I mean? Wouldn’t you like to meet that advisor?

I wonder what kind of events that sort of advisor would host?

What would it feel like to meet her?

What sort of client journey would she have staged?

What sort of approach to financial planning and life planning would she share?

What do you think her onboarding process would be?

I wonder what books this advisor might ask you to read or insights she might share.

How else will I profit from knowing her?

Want to talk about how we can help you be missed? You can email me but only if you promise that you don’t want to be boring – you can still be boring, that’s ok, you just have to want to change. Email me here: and I’ll send you a link so we can talk.

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