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Blog 143: Stand For Something

Standing for something …

When you stand for something, you and your business benefit.

You benefit because going to work becomes a lot more fun when you’re on a mission, doing something that matters. I always know I need a break when I feel like I’m going to work instead of to my secret crime lab.

Standing for something is good for your business because it builds trust, and it makes the daily decisions you have to make are easier.

There is, however, a cost. You can’t get something for anything.

It’s frustrating to watch brands, politicians (hello) and people fall into that predictable trap of trying to be all things to all people. You can’t stand for something and please everyone at the same time.

You can’t offer a high end, niche focussed experience at a discount. Sorry.

You can’t be a buddy dad or a buddy mom either.

You can’t be pro-business, small government, services for everyone, low taxes for everyone, climate crusading deficit slayer either, although if you live in Canada you would be forgiven for thinking so. Best not to.

To really stand for something you have to make difficult decisions, mostly about what you don’t do. We don’t do that, we don’t make that, we don’t work with people like that, we don’t accept work like that, we don’t work for less than that.

Very easy to say, and very easy to agree to when you’re watching this video. It is, however, very hard to do.

But it’s precisely at these moments – when you say no – that you define what you stand for. If you change the rules, if you cut corners for instance or make an exception for a payoff, you’ll get caught.

If you want to be a brand that people buy into, you have to stand for something today, tomorrow and the day after that.

I stand for the Serious Shift …For living a life less ordinary by building a sustainable business, that is a joy to work at.

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