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Blog 138: 4 Critical Errors That Will Put You In The Ditch

Think about your car and all the incredible technology that is built into it to not only make it reliable and comfortable, but safe. Anti-locking disc brakes, sensors that warn you of other cars or obstacles that are too close. Leather heated seats and steering wheels. Premium sound systems and real wood accents. For those of us who learned to drive in a car without power steering or brakes, cars today seem more like spaceships.

Here is the skinny – All the engineering in the world is useless if your tires are not good. I’d like to point out that your car doesn’t ride on tires, it rides on small parts of it’s four tires. In other words, your (perhaps) fancy car, that you paid a premium for is riding on 4 rubber spots that are each about the size of a mobile phone (unless, like me you have an iPhone plus …)

Tens of thousands of dollars in engineering depends on something you probably don’t think about too much, until you have to buy a good set, when you might hear yourself say “$250? Per tire? Really?”

Your business is like your car. It’s only as good as what’s holding it on the road.

The four most common mistakes that business owners make … They fail to innovate. They fail to create work that is interesting or worth talking about. They fail to zero in on a niche market (and keep showing up) and lastly, they think like marketers and not human beings.

Enjoy the video – see you again soon.

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