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Blog 137: Make Better Habits

Aristotle said that we are what we repeatedly do.

For too many of us what we repeatedly do is often say that we’ll start tomorrow. Here are three things you can do now that will help you build some better habits.

Set easily attainable goals and achieve them. Do you want to exercise more? Great! Exercise for one minute a day. That’s it. The immediate goal isn’t to get into shape, it’s to get into a habit. Set an easy goal, achieve it and do it again.

Next, explore your excuses for not doing what you say you want to be doing. For me, I wanted to get in better shape but I kept saying “The problem is, I’m not really a gym guy.” The more I thought about it though – deliberately thinking and challenging my beliefs – I realized that it isn’t the workout that I find challenging, it’s the scheduling. I’m legitimately busy. Solution, I found a workout I can get done in less than 10 minutes in my office. Am I going to win a gold medal with this workout? No. Am I trying to win a gold medal? No. What I’m trying to do is become a person with better habits.

Last … Don’t miss anything twice.

Whatever it is you are working at, making more client calls, creating more content, doing daily exercise don’t miss twice. That’s it. Get back on the horse the next day and achieve your easily achievable goal.

Take care.

Dennis Moseley-Williams

Are you ready to shift? We have worked with thousands of professionals who want to “SHIFT” and create more for their customers and themselves.

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