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Blog 144: Getting Unstuck

Updated: May 12, 2022

The reason you are stuck, most likely, is that you’re looking for the information you need that you won’t find so that you can get started.

This is exactly why you’re stuck – you’re waiting when instead you need to be working/moving. Just start. Even if you head off in the wrong direction, you will quickly figure that out and make a course adjustment. Is it ideal? No, but moving and learning and adapting is better that sitting and waiting and feeling stuck.

Get honest with yourself. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t wasting time, that I was being practical and sensible about some new projects I was starting. I was actually just nervous about looking silly. Once you get honest, get moving.

Make a plan. We know this already. Make your plan, go execute it and go home. Tomorrow, do the same thing. You’ll feel better, and you’ll move much quicker to what you have to offer.

Finally, be kind to yourself. The voice you hear most often and listen to is your own.


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