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Blog 351: Get More Done BY Doing Less

A secret to being more successful is to do more things that make you successful than those that don’t.

Focussing on the few relationships and actions that matter most will make the most difference to your life and business.

Constantly ask yourself if what you’re working on is essential to the outcome you want. I put myself through this process all the time. This is how I get so many ski days in. Whenever you waste time, telling yourself that what you’re spending time on actually matters, it comes at the expense of the most important things. Like ski days!

Ever miss a ski day, or whatever your equivalent is because you told yourself that something at work was more important, then when you were at work you realized that you didn’t have to be there? Tragic! When you are ruthless, you can eliminate half of what you are doing (starting today) without affecting the work that matters most.

I’ve shared this before, and to make this shift ask these questions.

  • What’s the big idea? What do I really do? What is the consequence?

  • For whom? Who really wants this?

  • How? How specifically do I do this? Where and when?

  • What are all the things I do in a day?

  • Of these things, how many of them actually help me accomplish my big idea?

  • You’ll be shocked at how few things you do every day actually matter.

Those activities that don’t make the cut, get cut.

Being busy and being effective is not the same thing. When people tell me how busy they are, I assume they are disorganized or hate themselves. Sacrificing your life is being busy. Achieving your goals, enjoying your life and pursuing your passions is being effective.

I do very well for myself. I do 3 things 80% of the time.

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