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Blog 342: Some Questions

Some Questions …

As you may know, I spend my summer at the lake recharging and thinking about you, me, the work I do and why it will matter. These are the questions that I write down every time I have a new project.

Simple? Absolutely. However, these questions also help me focus my thinking and get to a workable solution that much quicker.

What is it for?

Does it already exist?

What change do you want to create?

What is the hard part? For you, for them?

What is the one skill you need to learn that is going to help you the most?

How do you/will you know that it's working?

How will you measure success?

A variation of the question above is that I always ask potential clients. “If I agree to do this for you, how will you know it was a success?”

Would it be easier if you had help? Has someone else created ‘the other half of it?’

Would everything happen more quickly if you gave up credit or control?

Why does this project matter?

Is all this effort worth it?

What are you afraid of?

Would anyone miss you if you stopped?

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