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Blog 340: Be Careful What You Ask For

Your life and the circumstances you find yourself in are not random. You didn’t ‘end up here.’ Your existence is a direct result of the questions you ask yourself and every decision you have ever made.

I meet a lot of entrepreneurs who are looking for a breakthrough. They want to make more and enjoy what they do to the fullest.

There is nothing wrong with wanting either of these things. Making more money can be a very good thing, as can enjoying your life to the fullest.

However, rather than ask, "What changes are necessary to make my business more like the business of my dreams?" these Entrepreneurs ask, "How can I get this thing to grow?"

Do you see how this problem now compounds?

The original business was flawed and had stalled. The owner was asking the wrong question - How can I get this thing to grow - and therefore getting the wrong answer.

There was no change. There was no process of discovery; no lesson learned, no adjustments made, no evolution.

The new business is just the old business, only bigger.

If you want to change your life, if you can't catch a break, maybe you need to change the questions you are asking.

Better questions will lead directly to better actions which lead to better results.

How can I live a life that allows me to be the best version of myself?

How can I give more to the people around me who are less fortunate?

How can I help the people I know and love?

In the case of the Entrepreneurs who own the stalled business ...

What is it about what I do that people value the most?

What kind of experience do I want to stage for my clients?

How would I want to be treated by this business if I were a client?

These are all much better questions than 'How can I make this business grow?'

I’m here if you need me. Let me know. I’ve fixed people with much bigger problems than yours.

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