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Blog 339: Choice and Connection

Imagine what it would be like if every client you had loved you. It’s not impossible; it’s just uncommon.

You and your business would be better off having 10 incredibly engaged, passionate clients than if you had 100 customers.

Everyone has a choice to work with you, buy your sandwich, read your book, listen to your band or cut your grass.

Doing business with you is a choice, and nobody owes you anything.

Membership in your community is a choice, and intelligent Leaders don’t change their message to attract new members to make their tribe a little bigger. Good Leaders understand that a smaller, more connected, emotionally engaged group is more powerful than an unconnected mob.

There are many ways to keep your community connected to you, but the most important thing you can do is be genuine.

Your clients, community, and audience want to know you and be connected to you. They look to you for leadership, insight, perspective, and inspiration.

Unless you’re just doing an excellent job and looking after the business, in this case, most people are paying attention to your efficiency and cost. Sooner or later, or maybe even already, someone will offer to make choosing them even easier and cheaper.

Then what do you do?

Businesses are about business.

Communities are about connection.

Turn your clients into members and your client base into a community.

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