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Blog 333: Can You Hear Me?

We do business with and support those people who have earned our attention. We are loyal to our friends, to certain businesses, shops and restaurants. We love our brands, our bands and our TV shows. We love our towns, our neighbourhoods and our secret-hole-in-the-wall destinations.

We seek out those people who tell us stories that resonate, who share our values and who delight us or reassure or surprise us in ways that are positive and bring joy and satisfaction to our lives.

The more valuable someone’s attention is, the harder it is to earn. So who gets heard? The people we choose to hear. The people we will miss. The people or businesses that stand out, or that stand for something.

We love the innovators and shun the duplicators. In a marketplace that is open to virtually anyone, that which is remarkable stands out. No one talks about the boring, the predictable or the safe. We marvel at the authentic and the genuine. We treasure it.

There is a revolution going on out there, and now more than ever, we value the weird, the wild, the different, the delightful, the remarkable. We want stories that spread, and we want to live in a world of humanity, connection, compassion and humility.

Who will you miss? That’s who you should be listening to.

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