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Blog 332: Compared to What?

There is always something or someone better than you, and there is always someone or something worse.

When you start to compare yourself to those who are worse, you are being treasonous to yourself and crippling your potential.

Compare yourself to the very best and study them. What do they do that makes them so good, and how can you replicate it?

The only thing that matters to me about my business is that everyone here is working to be the best at what they do because they see their role in delivering our experience. What is most important to me is that everyone has the same goal in their department, which is to answer this question: How can I make this better for our client? How can I innovate to improve the experience that our clients receive?

What the best in any endeavour usually have mastered that the strugglers don’t are the details. The details are the differences that make the ordinary exceptional.

Or put another way, the details are everything.

Details are what people remember, and details are the ruler that we measure a business’ perceived willingness to fully commit to meeting our needs.

Details transform the predictable into magical, and the memorable into the unforgettable.

When you start to think that you can justify watering down your product a little bit to save some costs because everyone else does, it’s over.

When you replace the human being who answers your phone with an automated service because everyone else does, and it can some money, it’s over.

When you stop innovating, when you get too comfortable and when you feel entitled to your success and your clients instead of grateful and humble, it’s over.

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