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Blog 327: HOw to Host a Can't miss Review Meeting

I think the first step should be to call it something else. For example, does ‘Review Meeting’ capture your work with your client?

Meetings are a service, not an experience, and that’s the problem.

When the star of the meeting is the information, we have a problem. Meetings should be emotional, meaningful and memorable. Time spent with you should be deeply personal and transformational.

You guide transformations by staging better experiences and asking better questions.

To guide better experiences, you need to think differently about time and impressions. You need to slow everything down, shift to treating clients like guests and create something unexpected.

If you hired the GM of the Four Seasons to come and become your head of client experience, what would that person do to improve your review meeting? What would they call them? What would they do before, just before, during, right after and after the meeting?

I stay at many Four Seasons Hotels, and one impression they always make is that they have time for me. They come out from behind the counter to point out the elevator, which is a beautiful touch and a great example of eliminating sacrifice.

  • You can afford to have charming flowers delivered to your office every month.

  • You could use reusable glass water bottles instead of plastic for an easy upgrade.

  • You could have someone wait for clients, especially first-time visitors, outside.

  • The entire team could make a point of checking in to say hello.

  • You could have something exciting and engaging playing on the television. Bonus points if whatever is playing on the TV relates to what you will cover in the meeting.

  • You could figure out how to personalize the experience.

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