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Blog 326: How to Stage Better Experiences: Part 4

That ‘thing you do,’ what is it? What would your friends tell me if I asked them what makes you ‘you?’

Your clients can buy investments from anyone. So I want to know what it is about you as a person and what you believe and are willing to share so that we can position to give your existing clients and your desired new clients something to buy into. Rather than seeing you as a vendor, a person who sells stuff, I want your clients to see you as a partner or even a guide—a necessary feature in their life.

Services bring your clients in the door; experience turns them into advocates, and consequences, what happens as a result of spending time with you, keeps them coming back.

The next Serious Shift is about TRANSFORMATION.

Review blogs 321,322,325 and get up to speed; it will take about 5 minutes. You can find the blogs here,

What change do you help create?

Your answer should be deeply personal. What truths or secrets do you know about living a successful life that many people overlook or don’t think enough about?

What if none of your clients had to think about money? What would you tell them to focus on instead?

Shift to GUIDING

In a calendar year, how could you create experiences, digital and physical, where your clients could experience you, and you could guide them through these other critical matters?

Consider one on one meetings, physical spaces, and group events.

This might help pretend that the fees they pay you for managing finances are instead fees for education and enlightenment.

How does this seriously shift your work and how you do it?

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