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Blog 325: How to Stage Better Experiences: Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 are blogs 321 and 322 – DMW.

The following serious shift involves how you use time with your clients.

The more people you have sharing your story, the better. This is what every successful business and every successful person has in common, other people talk about them, and as a consequence, new opportunities come their way easily with much less effort and investment.

Experience drives demand.

Your experience is why people talk about you, not the commoditized services that can be found anywhere.

A meeting with a client might be scheduled for 9 AM on Wednesday, but the experience starts long before that. Conversely, the meeting might end at 10 AM, but the client will continue to experience and reflect on it afterwards.

Experience is time well designed.

In parts 1 and 2, I told you to consider emotion first and then ask 3 simple questions to improve each phase. The 3 simple questions are:

What am I doing well, and how can I do it better?

Where does my client have to sacrifice, and how can I eliminate that?

When is it possible to surprise my guest?

Now apply those questions to the 5 phases, which are:

Enticing – The time before the meeting. What is the emotion? Apply the 3 questions.

Entering – Walking in the door. What is the emotion? Apply the 3 questions.

Engaging – When they are meeting with you. What is the emotion? Apply 3 questions.

Existing – What is the emotion? Apply the 3 questions.

Extending – What is the emotion? Apply the 3 questions.

If you want to improve your client experience, review Parts 1 and 2 and do exactly what I said. If you know you should, but you also know you aren’t going to, then you should email me and talk to me about how we can help you do this.

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