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Blog 324: Making Time Matter

Mathieu Tarissants-Gravel is the most incredible lift operator (known affectionally as ‘Lifty’ or ‘Lifties’) I have ever encountered. You’ll often find Mathieu working the Duncan chairlift at Tremblant on the north side.

Everyone knows him because of the music he plays and his legendary dance moves. He tweaks, shakes, shimmies, pauses, spins and dances all day. He is ‘time well spent’ personified. Waiting in line is never so painful when Mathieu is there.

Efficiency is Overrated

I pay to ski, not wait in line, so you’d think that when I heard that my local mountain, Tremblant, is moving to automatic gates next year at the various lifts, I’d be happy. Presumably, this new technology will make the people move more quickly, but I wonder … Without Mathieu, even if the lines do quicker, will it feel like it took longer?

How does it feel?

Sometimes I think we get a little too excited to save people a minute, and we miss the opportunity to create a moment.

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