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Blog 322: How to Stage Better Experiences, Part 2

We started overhauling client experience in the last blog; specifically, I wrote about the importance of considering emotions before business outcomes. Go check it out if you missed it.

Don’t make this mistake …

When people think about experiences, they often think about them as events, such as birthday parties. Those better at this than most have learned to think of an experience, such as a birthday party, or even the moment a person crosses the threshold of a business as ‘time well designed.’

There is time before, during and after the party. The best party you will ever go to is where the host considers how they want you to feel before, during and after you attend, how they can personalize the experience at these different times, and how this might surprise and delight you.

Make Them Take Their Camera Out

Experiences are worth our attention, time, and money. We notice them, they delight us, they make us feel something, and we often pay more for the service or product that the experience is a part of.

Think about how much it matters to you when a clerk at a store knows your name. It surprises you and makes you feel an emotion; specifically, it makes you feel IMPORTANT. “Hello, Dennis, good to see you.” Not only do you feel IMPORTANT because you feel SEEN, but the transaction also has more value. The milk, shirt, mutual funds, or rake feels like an even better purchase than it would have had the clerk not used your first name.

Ask yourself these three questions …

We start by considering the emotional outcome during the experience, considering before, during and after time frames. Next, ask these 3 questions.

Throughout the client journey …

What am I doing well, and how can I do it better?

Where does my client have to sacrifice, and how can I eliminate that?

When is it possible to surprise my guest?

See you next time blog for part 3.

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