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Blog 321: HOw To Stage Better Experiences

March is Client Experience month. The next 8 blogs are about improving your business fortunes by learning how to shift beyond delivering commoditized services to staging engaging experiences. We’re going to take this one step at a time …

First, what is an experience anyway?

Great question! An experience is a moment that delights (or frustrates) you so much that you remember it.

Here is one from my weekend. I went out to buy a gift, and in 3 of the 4 stores I went to, I was ignored. I couldn’t find a person to help me. I spent too much time staring at shelves waiting for what I was looking for to jump out at me. It never did.

I left two of the first three stores without ever speaking to anyone. I was frustrated.

Experiences are emotional. Experiences are meaningful. Experiences are memorable. Experiences make us feel something. This is true for good and bad experiences.

And this is your first big SERIOUS SHIFT. When you want time with you to be meaningful and memorable, the first question is …

See me?

At the fourth store I went into, I felt SEEN. A clerk came right over and helped me. She was excited to hear about my friend and why I was buying him this gift. I was in a sports store. She asked me questions that made me think about what I was buying, and I felt very CONFIDENT. She helped me, took charge and went the extra mile. “No, no, no. These are not what I am looking for. Hang on. I might have to dig them up.” She said to me as she disappeared into the back room to return with the perfect item.

What do you want your client to feel?

This only seems like an easy question. First, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. What are their problems? Where do they have to make a sacrifice to have their problem solved? What are they afraid of?

How do you want them to feel when they consider their upcoming meeting with you? When they walk in the door? When they are sitting with you, sharing? When they are leaving? When they are reflecting on the meeting afterwards?

Emotions first, business outcome second.

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