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Blog 311: Stay or Go?

My eldest daughter, 15, made me very proud the other day. She resigned from a class. She chose to go.

We had been talking about life and how to live it recently, and I told her that there are always 3 options when dealing with a challenging situation. You can lean into it, you can do nothing and wait, or you can quit.

I explained that the most dangerous option is to do nothing. To wait for the problem to resolve itself. From time to time, you might get lucky, and the situation will improve itself, but often, it won’t. The problem will get worse, and when you finally accept that you have to do something, you’ll live with the regret of knowing that had you started earlier, you’d be happier now.

You either lean into it and try a little harder, or you realize that the situation is untenable and shut it down.

I was so proud of her for making this decision, for seeing her guidance counsellor at school and for taking the initiative to develop and execute a workable Plan B. And candidly, I was proud of her for not involving me in the decision. She didn’t ask me what to do; she just did it.

What we overlook about fence sitting is how uncomfortable it is.

This idea you have … Stay or go?

This thing you want to do … Stay or go?

Wasting time sitting on the fence wastes far more time, energy, emotion and money than committing and leaning in ever does.

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