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Blog 302: Get Yer Freak on

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Too many people and businesses are getting pushed through. The bar is so low, and so is the cost, that we just accept mediocrity.

Too many more are doing the same old same old, accepting the status quo, and doing whatever they need to get by, and only that and frankly the pandemic didn’t help.

Nobody or almost nobody is taking risks; nobody is saying it like it is; everyone is afraid of failing or offending or being too … different.

Different is scary. Or is it?

Nobody is doing anything freaky out there, yet when someone does something freaky, we hear about it.

We hear about it because the world has never been as connected or available as it is today. For the first time in my life, I realize that I wish I were … younger.

Everything is just getting good! Everything is getting easier, and I can see a future that excites me.

The truth is that it has never been easier to create something exciting and share it with the world.

The problem a lot of people have is that they are waiting for someone to tell them it’s ok to be different. This makes sense; for most of our life, we have been told to follow rules and fit in. Don’t.

Don’t fit in. Stand out. Make something that is interesting to you, don’t wait for permission; just do it your way and tell the world and they will call.

Who will call?

Whoever likes what you do or do. Whoever notices will come, and they will tell everyone else they know who is interested in what it is they are interested in. You are not trying to convince the masses to love you; you are trying to win over one person, who sees the world the way you do. Just worry about winning over that one person; they’ll bring you your next client.

What it is about is doing what you do as well as you possibly can. Think like an artist. Don’t ever finish the work, but accept that it must be shipped.

Stop writing songs for anyone who isn’t a fan.

Stop writing books or blogs for anyone who doesn’t already read your books or blogs.

Stop talking to people who don’t do business with you – Just keep talking to your tribe.

Being committed to your clients and your work is about as freaky as it can get.

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