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Blog 293: The Journey To Amazing

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

When you decide to stand for something, stand out, dazzle and impress and be worthy of discussion, it can feel impossible to start.

The first slide. The first note. The first sketch, scribbled framework, or outline for a workshop won’t be amazing. Trust me on this one; your tenth, fifteenth or even twentieth might not be either.

The wall …

When are up against the wall, the obstacle between what you can see so clearly and the reality of where you’re at, the easiest thing to do is quit? Shrug it off. Admit you don’t have the goods. Scrap it. Delete it. Quit.


Do you know how you get to amazing? By getting to amazing. By keeping going. Not yet amazing is a great place to start because its where you are.

For now, anyway.

There is a big difference between not settling and not starting.

Most people never start. Don’t forget.

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