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Blog 290: Be a Better Story

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Everyone would like to be wanted – you might not want more clients, business or revenues, but you like to be asked.

Chase or Attract?

Many advisors are competing for attention and new business by working diligently to become better advisors. This is a mistake. You and all the other advisors are already good at what you do; the best advisor (whoever that is) charges the same as you.

Become a better story.

When the mass market died, it died forever. Zero in and be as specific as possible, which is no doubt far more specific than you have ever gone before. You need to be the hero to some people and completely unknown to everyone else.

Truth or dare …

How many referrals do you get?

Would your clients feel compelled to sing your praises to a friend?

Would you be missed if you stopped showing up?

Do you change people?

Is it possible that what you’re working on might not work?

Are you connecting your clients around a shared worldview or purpose?

Do you have a secret to share?

What’s the point?

Your answers need to be all yes, except for the last one, which isn’t a yes/no option.

Like this blog and follow along. I’ll lead you out of the mess and into the light.

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