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Blog 289 - How to Get More Clients

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

When considering what comes next, some people see what is possible, and some people only see what they know how to do.

So some financial advisors have more easily shifted towards guiding clients vs. simply advising them, while others have doubled down on being even better advisors at competitive rates.

Being a better advisor isn’t enough to guarantee your success Sometimes the worst thing you can do is be really good at what you do because, frankly, the work that most everyone does these days is also really good, so much so that everything has become commoditized. Everything is great and is available on sale.

How do you get more clients when everyone sells the same great stuff?

What worked forever is now broken forever.

Mass markets require ‘mass products’ or ‘average’ products. They need to offer something that is as appealing as possible, with as little sacrifice as possible, to as big a market as possible. They need to create something that doesn’t offend anyone. Not too small. Not too big. Just right.

Nobody needs average; they need beautiful.

What’s left? If the mass isn’t it, then what is? Niche, niche weird*.

You need to create something very special for someone very rare. Someone with a worldview is looking for others who see things the same way. You’re going to connect them.

Here’s your homework to think about before I see you in my next blog.

Think about the clients you would like to have.

When they hire you, you deliver all your services, and all that work is done.

What will all your clients want to do next?

The answer isn’t going to be anything that has to do with anything you sell. So don’t look there.

Who do they want to become? How would they describe their life after you guide them?

*I know that ‘weird’ is a difficult word. Never have we associated it as a good thing. Nobody wants to be weird; I wrestle with this word and use it with some reservation. Stick with me for the next few blogs; let me see if I can reclaim this word as a force for good.

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