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Blog 286: How to On-Board, Part 3

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Review the first two blogs, so you know how we got to here.

When I have a great experience, I break it down and figure out what the business or person may have done, and then I figure out how I might be able to extract the principles and apply them to what I’m doing.

Before your clients leave the house, how can you demonstrate that you’re worth their attention and time?

Will you (of course!) send an agenda and a cover letter? Do some clients merit a special call? Do they know who your team is and what they look like? Can you send a menu? Can you have someone call to confirm preferences?

The Four Seasons

I have had the good fortune to stay at several Four Seasons Hotels throughout my career (some memorable nights in Denver immediately come to mind), and they do something very smart when you check in, they make it a memorable moment.

They slow everything down. They use the time with you to make some important impressions, namely that you are expected and that they care. How they make you feel about yourself informs how you feel about them.

They even come behind the counter to walk you to the elevator and push the button. Necessary? Depends. Did they need to show me how to use an elevator? No. Did they need to remind me that I’m known and important? Yes.

Do people arrive at your office, or are they received?

Is there a receptionist for everyone, or is there a dedicated team member for your guest? Imagine showing up, and someone is waiting for you.

Is there an opportunity to meet them outside? To walk them in? I know a little over the top, but then again, the Four Seasons does it, and they only charge you around $400/night, not 1% on a million dollars …

What is the desired emotional outcome you want them to experience when they arrive? How about … JOY?

Imagine being so impressed that you felt joy. For something to be impressive, it has to stand out, and a person who has taken the time to look up your face so that they can recognize you in the lobby of a building and call your name, Mr. Moseley-Williams, is impressive. Walking me into the reception area of your own office and introducing me to the next team member who stands up to greet me is impressive.

When you start impressing, you start creating some suspense, some curiosity about what will come next.

What comes next for you and me is the next blog, 287. Make sure you sign up, so you don’t miss one.

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