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Blog 285: How to On-Board Part 2

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Welcome – for new people, please note that this is Part II; you need to see the first one to get the full story.

Service is what you do, it’s what is written on your business card or implied by your title. For example - Roger, Grave Digger.

Experience is how you do it, and we all know already that when you do what you do in such a way that it delights us, then even something as every day as serving up a cup of coffee can demand a premium price. Because of how we feel, we’ll pay too much and then tip. I know this for a fact. I just did it this morning!

Staging a better experience is essential, but it isn’t the point. The point it what happens to someone because they have experienced you and how you have made their life better. This outcome or transformation is what your clients will talk about.

Let me make this point as clear as possible. Make them rich, they won’t refer. Make them healthy, wealthy and wise they’ll send everyone they know.

Step Two … Hint and Harmonize

How can you begin to HINT AT THE OUTCOME without overtly saying it? What could you send them to read, watch or consider in some way that is related to the outcome you’d like to guide them to?

Healthy. Wealthy Wise.

In the last blog, I asked you to consider the emotion you want your next guest to feel – whether it is a new or existing client. Might I suggest intrigue?

First, you’re intrigued, then you are curious. Curious is a desire.

What would you send, using what mediums to create intrigue? What is the best example you can think of that you have ever experienced personally?

I’ll be blogging about this all month; it would mean a lot to me if you left a comment or a question. Next time I’ll tell you what I’d send and start on the next phase of the onboarding journey.

Thanks for reading, liking and sharing.

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