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Blog 278: Technology Simplified

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

In the original Star Wars film, released in 1977, Luke Skywalker is racing through the trench on the surface of a giant space station on an attack run. As he races along, avoiding destruction, he can hear the voice of Ben Kenobi talking to him from the great beyond.

“Put the targeting computer away, and use the Force.”

I’m with Ben. Tech is great, but it is undoubtedly getting in the way of you being you. Look at all the tech companies that exist to help you as a financial advisor. Not quite zillions, but close enough, and certainly more than you need.

Download PDF • 3.49MB

What is your Essential Tech …?

A CRM, some financial planning software and time. That’s it. I want to ensure I have lots of time to listen to and understand you.

The telephone, a CRM and a big heart. That’s my tech.

Put the tech away. Use the force.

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