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Blog 276: Root Cause Versus Symptoms

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Focusing inward and spending your precious time, energy and money resources on internal innovations that allow you to become more productive and/or pursue external opportunities in a more efficient manner is well worth the investment.

If you find that any part of your business spends too much time, energy or money putting out fires with customers/clients, putting out fires internally, fixing problems or repeating non-productive activities that do not generate revenue then you need to stop dead in your tracks. Fix the issue once and for all by dealing with the root of the problem and not getting head faked by symptoms. You may need to get some help from a business advisor or a trusted mentor. If you try and do it all yourself chances are you do not have the objectivity to get to the root of an issue.

Organizations will never be 100% efficient. However, you will Accelerate if you can work on your business and find an area or two that can become more efficient.

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