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Blog 271: Work Hard On The Right Things

Every year, like you, I have a lot of great ideas about changes I can make to improve the experience I stage for my clients, and with them the fortunes of my company.

I keep the list from September until July 1st, and then I use the slower summer months to make the required adjustments, I don’t try to pull off any mid-year adjustments unless they are very minor.

I keep focusing on what matters.

I don’t think the successful advisors beat the competition because they work harder. I’m not even sure if they are more successful because they are more creative, I think the secret is that they understand that you have to focus on what matters.

What matters isn’t always obvious. What matters can also change? However, those of us who manage to capture the imagination, make connections and reach a new or larger audience have done so by focusing on and improving the things that matter, while ignoring everything else.

Doing either is really hard, especially when you are surrounded by people who insist on fretting about, and focussing on the nonsense that makes no difference at all.

It’s the summer … Some questions for you to consider to help you along the way.

  • What is your goal for this year?

  • What are the 3 obstacles that you will have to overcome?

  • What is the biggest one?

Consider the biggest obstacle …

  • What part of this obstacle involves your client having to make a sacrifice?

  • How can you eliminate it?

  • What part do you do well enough, and how could you improve it?

  • Can you find a way to work in a little surprise?

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